Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Colorado Springs

As specialists in periodontal surgery, Drs. Lackler and Haradon are uniquely qualified to perform wisdom tooth extractions. With training and experience in a number of surgical procedures, you can count on them to be able to remove your wisdom teeth comfortably.

Most people can’t get away without having their wisdom teeth extracted. So, why do we even have them, you ask? Prehistoric man needed these large and strong teeth to tear and chew the rough foods in their diet, such as tough meat, nuts, leaves, roots and hard berries. The foods we enjoy today tend to be much softer—and cooking no longer requires building a fire. And by using a fork and knife, we don’t need to rely on our teeth to tear food into bite-sized pieces.

In addition, our ancestors’ jaws were larger than ours, so they had room for wisdom teeth, or third molars. Because of our smaller jaws, people today tend not to have sufficient jaw space to accommodate these additional teeth. Thus, as wisdom teeth begin to form around the age of 10-years old, they are often impacted and positioned slightly sideways below the gum line. In this position, they can put pressure on adjacent teeth, causing misalignment or crowding. If a wisdom tooth should happen to erupt through the gum, its position far back in your mouth usually makes proper cleaning difficult, thus making infection and decay a constant threat.

Ideally, Drs. Lackler and Haradon recommend having wisdom tooth extractions during the late teens to early 20’s. At this age, the roots of wisdom teeth are not yet fully developed and embedded in your jawbone. Thus, the surgery is easier and the recovery process is more comfortable than it would likely be for an older person.
Because removing wisdom teeth usually requires surgical extraction, our doctors often opt to use IV sedation in the office. Once the sedating medication takes effect, we’ll then administer a local anesthetic to number the surgical sites. Together, these will make your surgery serene and painless.

To remove your wisdom teeth, an incision is made in the gum tissue covering these teeth. Then, if there is bone covering the tooth that is removed and the tooth is extracted. In some cases, the tooth may need to be sectioned in order to ease extraction. Stitches may be required, and a gauze pad will be placed over the wound to stop bleeding. We will provide specific instructions for you to follow during your recovery that will facilitate healing and comfort.
Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists serves Colorado Springs, our military community, and all surrounding areas. If you need wisdom tooth extractions or other periodontal services, request your appointment!

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