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Surgical Tooth Extractions – Colorado Springs, CO

Saying Goodbye to
Troublesome Teeth

Woman holding up tooth after surgical extraction

While saving them will always be the first choice where possible, teeth may need to be removed for many reasons, usually as a course of action to protect your oral health. When this happens, you’ll want to be able to turn to a periodontist for surgical tooth extractions in Colorado Springs, CO who you can trust. Our Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists can comfortably and expertly extract teeth. If you’re suffering from a toothache or another oral health problem, contact us for an appointment; we’ll help you find the best course of action to save the tooth – or protect the rest of them.

Why Choose Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists for Surgical Tooth Extractions?

Why Would My Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

Man in need of tooth extraction looking at smile

If a tooth has been damaged to the point where preserving it is no longer a viable option, it will need to be removed. This can be the result of a physical injury or tooth decay that can’t be corrected with root canal therapy. You might also need a tooth removed to avoid issues in the future. For example, an impacted wisdom tooth can cause you a lot of pain, and not losing a baby tooth in time can hurt your child’s dental development.

In certain cases, a procedure will require certain teeth to come out. We might need to make room in a teenager’s mouth for orthodontics, or we might need to remove the last teeth remaining in an arch to make room for dentures.

What Kind of Tooth Extractions are Available?

Metal clasp holding an extracted tooth

There are two types of tooth extraction: simple and surgical.

Our periodontists can examine the state of your oral health and develop a treatment plan that’s suited to your situation.

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Why Should I See a Periodontist for a Tooth Extraction?

Periodontist performing a surgical tooth extraction

Infection is a leading cause of tooth extraction. If it has progressed far enough, not only will the tooth be lost but the surrounding tissues could also be damaged. (This can also easily happen if physical trauma was suffered.) Our periodontists specialize in repairing such damage and can address such issues without needing to refer you to someone else.

Furthermore, we can also offer dental implants to fill in the gap left behind by the extracted tooth. This will help prevent the bone loss that would have occurred otherwise. By visiting a periodontist, you can have the extraction, repairs and replacements all done under the same roof.

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