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Crown Lengthening – Colorado Springs, CO

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Woman with gorgeous smile after crown lengthening

Are you embarrassed by a “gummy smile?” Excess gum tissue can make your teeth appear smaller than average. Unfortunately, this creates more than just aesthetic concerns. In some cases, it can even adversely affect your oral health. You don’t need to live with a less than perfect smile. Our periodontal office uses the latest techniques to remove the tissue to reveal more of the surfaces of your teeth. Crown lengthening in Colorado Springs, CO can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Why Choose Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists for Crown Lengthening?

What are the Restorative Benefits of Crown Lengthening?

Man and woman with healthy smiles after crown lengthening

Your gum tissue is essential to a healthy smile; however, if it covers too much of the tooth surface, it can make it difficult to treat a cavity. If decay is located near the gum line, it creates a challenging situation because the decay can be partially hidden under the tissue. Removing the extra tissue ensures the decay has been fully treated to prevent it from turning into a bigger problem down the road.

If you should happen to need a restoration to repair a failing tooth, there might not be enough tooth structure to properly bond the crown. We’ll need to remove the tissue to ensure there is enough structure to bond the restoration to the tooth.

What are the Cosmetic Benefits of Crown Lengthening?

Patient pointing to flawless smile after crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is an excellent option for patients who are embarrassed by their smiles because of excess gum tissue. We can remove it and sculpt a more aesthetically pleasing gum line to ensure your teeth look proportionate. We’ll help you achieve a beautiful smile you’ll want to show off.

How Does Crown Lengthening Work?

Aimated smile during crown lengthening

After an initial consultation, you’re scheduled you for your procedure, which varies in duration depending on how many teeth you’re treating. A local anesthetic is used to ensure your comfort as a series of small incisions are made into the tissue near the affected teeth. This allows the tissue to be separated from their surfaces and the jawbone.

The excess tissue is removed, and special instruments are used to create a seamless appearance. Our periodontal office uses the latest instruments and technologies to ensure precise results with fewer risks of complications. This helps to ensure the gum tissue properly reattaches to the teeth, which may require temporary structures to hold it in place until you’ve healed.

It’s normal for your gum tissue to be a bit tender for a few days. Your teeth might even be a little sensitive. Thankfully, any discomfort will subside within a few days. It’s important to commit to your oral hygiene while you heal to prevent infection. We’ll also take the time to explain how to best care for your healing tissue to avoid any irritation or injury. Generally, you’ll be fully recovered in 5-6 weeks.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

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If excess gum tissue is affecting your confidence or your oral health, we offer the advanced solutions you need. Invest in a healthy, beautiful smile with crown lengthening. Contact our periodontal office today to schedule your consultation.

Crown Lengthening Frequently Asked Questions

Animated smile in need of crown lengthening treatment

Many people aren’t familiar with crown lengthening treatment until they are told they need it to receive a dental crown or other similar restoration. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, our periodontists are here to help. Below, you can find the most common questions we receive from patients regarding this service as well as our detailed answers. Of course, we always encourage patients to give us a call directly if they have additional questions that aren’t listed.

How long do I need to wait before receiving a dental crown?

After you’ve completed crown lengthening surgery, it’s important that you wait at least four to six weeks for the gums to settle into their final healed positions. This ensures that once the crown is placed, your general dentist can confidently place the crown on top of the tooth without concern. However, those completing crown lengthening for cosmetic purposes may need to wait 12 weeks since the gums can continue to slightly shrink over time.

Does crown lengthening hurt?

Prior to your treatment for crown lengthening, you’ll receive a dedicated, local anesthetic to help you feel more comfortable as well as numb the surrounding gum tissue. We’ll make sure the anesthetic takes full effect before beginning your procedure, ensuring that you have the most relaxing experience possible. Since the anesthetic takes time to wear off, we advise you to avoid chewing any food for the next few hours right after treatment.

What should I do immediately after crown lengthening treatment?

Just like with any oral surgery, it’s essential that you do not smoke or use tobacco of any kind for the next 48 hours. You’ll also want to avoid using straws as the material can easily damage your gum tissue. Additionally, do not consume carbonated beverages, nuts, chips, or other crunchy or fibrous foods, which can easily become stuck in your teeth and irritate the gums. When in doubt, avoid consuming anything that is acidic, spicy, salty, or very hot or cold.

Is crown lengthening covered by dental insurance?

If a tooth is receiving crown lengthening so a dental crown or dental filling can be placed, dental insurance may be able to provide partial coverage for treatment. However, if you’re only receiving treatment for cosmetic purposes, either to remove excess gum tissue or make the gum line more even, insurance will likely not cover your procedure. During your consultation, we’ll be able to help you maximize benefits to the fullest and file claims on your behalf.

Can I still wear my partial denture following crown lengthening treatment?

If you rely on an oral appliance and it happens to rest on the treatment area, you’ll want to minimize its use until it has healed more over the next few days. Whether you use a nightguard, sportsguard, partial denture, or other device, our periodontists will work with you and your general dentist to determine the best aftercare moving forward.

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