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At our Colorado Springs periodontal practice, we focus on the periodontal health of our patients. Most of our clients are referred to us by their general dentists, which makes us the next phase in an overall treatment plan designed to fully restore your oral function.

Whether you need periodontal therapy to remove bacterial infection from your gums or you need dental implants to replace missing teeth, Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists are here for you. Our wide array of services address nearly all your periodontal problems, including non-surgical and surgical options to repair your gums, place an implant, stop receding gums, cover exposed roots, or gain back lost bone and gum tissue.

You may also be interested in some of our cosmetic-enhancing procedures, such as crown lengthening, where one of our periodontists fix your gummy smile by reshaping gum to expose more your natural tooth. We also perform root coverage procedures to cover exposed tooth roots and reduce further gum recession.

Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists offer labial (the attaching tissues on the upper middle lip) or lingual (the attaching tissues under the tongue) frenectomies. A labial frenectomy is often performed on patients who are getting braces, and a lingual frenectomy helps those patients with frenums that extend all the way to the tip of the tongue, causing the patient to be “tongue-tied.”

If you’re part of the Colorado Springs community, and you need specialized periodontal services, please rely on us! Our experienced, caring periodontists have almost four decades of expertise between them. With our experience, knowledge, and skills, Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists can reinstate your oral health and return confidence to your smile.

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Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists offer a wide array of services to help patients achieve periodontal health. We welcome inquiries from referring dentists, patients of record, and new patients. If you live in and around the Colorado Springs area, please request your appointment today!

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