How Hard You Brush Affects Your Gums

Do you regularly brush your teeth? We hope the answer is “yes.” Brushing, coupled with flossing, is vital for fighting plaque and ensuring your teeth and gums remain healthy. Using your toothbrush twice a day – after waking and before going to bed – is recommended by dental practitioners. However, there is one thing that 10-20% of the population has done, by accident, that ultimately damages teeth and can result in a number of oral issues: over-brushing, or brushing too hard. Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists, L.L.C. has seen this problem several times, and if it is addressed, can correct the problem and educate patients on how to prevent further damage.

Brushing Can Have Negative Effects?

We are not saying that brushing your teeth will lead to negative results for your teeth and gums. Brushing too hard – pressing the bristles against the teeth and gums with too much force – can definitely lead to oral problems. Our dentists, experts with years of experience, and our phenomenal team of dental masters have seen numerous cases of over-brushing and the effects it can have on the mouth. Brushing too hard can cause gums to recede, allowing for bacteria and plaque to build, and it can cause tooth enamel to wear away. Our magnificent staff can provide several solutions and fix any of the problems that arise.

How Do I Stop It?

If there has been damage due to over-brushing or brushing too hard, our dentists can provide relief and fix the issue. Those who notice this issue and want to prevent any future issues, follow these tips:

  • Buy a soft-bristled toothbrush and begin brushing with that. Hard-bristled toothbrushes can cause problems if you are prone to using too much pressure.
  • Position your brush at a 45 degree angle to the gum line while brushing.
  • Try not to saw back and forth when brushing. Make short, circular strokes.
  • Apply just enough pressure to feel the bristles against your gums. If the bristles are being squashed, then you are pressing too hard.

Prevent Poor Brushing Technique Today

Utilize these tips, ease up on the pressure, and stop future issues in their tracks. If you notice receding gums or damage to teeth, call us today and request an appointment with our professional team. We are proud to serve the families of Colorado Springs, CO, Stratmoor, Security-Widefield, Fountain, and the neighboring communities.

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